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HBB Mobile Car Baler

HBB Mobile Car Baler is suitable for baling or logging of whole passenger car bodies, as well as other light scrap metals. The car bodies and scrap materials are pressed 2 or 3-dimensionally by using the pressing lids and the pusher to produce loose bales.

The machine is able to:
> Pre-compress and package light scrap
> Squeeze car bodies

Technical Specifications

Model Main Cyl. Force (Ton) Feed Opening (mm) Bale Size (mm) Production Rate (tons/hr) Power Pump
HBB-200 200 5850×2970×1010 1450×1010×620 Baling 7-10, Logging 12-15 Motor 75kW, 1480rpm 2×A10V160
HBB-200DS 200 5850×2970×1010 1450×1010×620 Baling 7-10, Logging 12-15 Diesel 120kW, 1500rpm 2×A10V160

Metal Balers

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