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HBS scrap shear is suitable for the cutting of both light and heavy scrap materials. Metal pieces are pressed 2- or 3-dimensionally by using the pressing lid, the wing and feeding pusher, and cut or broken into pieces.

The machine is able to:
> Pre-compress and cut scrap
> Cut bars and profiles
> Package light scrap
> Squeeze and cut car bodies

Video Center

  • HBS-630

Technical Specifications

Model Max. Cutting Force (Ton) Feed Opening (mm) Bale Size (mm) Blade Length (mm) Production Rate (tons/hr) Main Motor (kW)
HBS-500 500 4800×2240 650×550 750 5.5-15 (2+1)×90
HBS-630 630 6000×2500 720×650 880 8.0-22.0 (3+1)×90



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