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Y32 Car Flattener

Y32 Car Flattener (4-column type) is suitable for scrap auto dismantling & recycling companies in reducing and flattening small passenger car bodies.

> The weight of main machine is only around 18 tons, and the split type of structure facilitates disassembling and transportation.
> The special design of stranding axes joint is adopted, the main pressure head could be biased to certain angle in working condition as per different degree of hardness at different positions of scrap car body. This makes the stress extended onto the frame constantly up straight down, and concentric with central lines of main pressure cylinders. The anti-deformation capacity of whole machine is higher.

Technical Specifications

No. TECH SPEC: 4-Column Car Flattener Y32-220 Remarks
1 Flattening Cylinder Type YG240/160-1500 Stroke 1500 mm 226 Ton
Rated Force 1130 kN QTY. 2 PCS
2 Hydraulic System Pressure 25 MPa (250 kgf/cm2)
3 Feeding Space (L×W×H) 5500×2500×1620 mm
4 Pressing Stroke 1500 mm
5 Idle Cycle Time 70 Sec
6 Production Rate 30-45 cars/hr
7 Total Installed Power 30 kW
8 Items to be Handled Passenger Car Bodies
9 Motor Pump Set HY63Y+Y160L-4-15KW Total 2 sets
10 Cooling of Hydraulic Oil Air Cooling
11 Oil Tank Volume 1.6 m3
12 Operation Push Button Ctrl
13 Main Machine Weight Approx. 19 tons (Mechanical Part)
14 Dimensions (L×W×H) 6500×2540×4352 mm Working State
15 Dimensions (L×W×H) 6500×2540×2710 mm Transporation State

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